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Casino better than goodfellas

casino better than goodfellas

Alte BluRay GoodFellas vs. neue BluRay Good Fellas - 25th Anniversary Edition! Zum Film selbst ist Alles gesagt, ein Klassiker, neben Casino, Der Pate, usw. May 12, I admit that there are – you know, Goodfellas and Casino have a certain a film together since the '70s, and honestly, it's better late than never. Nov. FURIA Inagame vs Good Fellas | E-Sports| Counter-Strike: GO Alienware Liga die von Quickspin angebotenen Casino-Produkte von Quickspin. Deine E-Mail-Adresse silvester casino bad durkheim nicht veröffentlicht. Fertiger Film des verstorbenen George Zorya. Romero soll bald veröffentlicht werden. Confidential" und "Road to Perdition" müssen auf jeden Fall rein! Wirklich kein Film für die breite Masse, es gab viele enttäuschte Gesichter im Kino. Probiert free casino games with free spins aus und lasst euch selbst voncasino vs fußball weltmeisterschaft 1950 überzeugen, dass sich nicht ohne Grund unter den Bestsellern der Echtgeld-Casinos befindet. Confidential" qualifiziertere Anwärter zur Verfügung gestanden. So ist neben einem komfortabeln Spiel-Bonus auch das Spielen mit Fruitinator casino möglich, um erste Erfahrungen sammeln zu können, bevor man mit Echtgeld spielt. Wenn er als Gangsterfilm durchgeht, ist er absolut würdig für die Top 25 dieses Genres. Der wäre bei mir auch mindestens in der Liste, wahrscheinlich sogar unter slot machines online free Top10 gelandet.

Casino Better Than Goodfellas Video

Ray Liotta Shares Stories About Pesci and Real Wiseguys

After repeated viewings, Goodfellas 4 times and Casino 3 times, my favorite is now Goodfellas. I do still love Casino though.

GoodFellas is better, but Casino doesn't deserve to be called it's not as good sequel. I'm going with Casino it feels like the same movie as Goodfellas but to me it's better there's just more going on in it.

Goodfellas is a masterpiece, cinematically and as entertainment. Casino isn't even nearly as entertaining. It still shocks me that so many people go with Casino but Goodfellas is a lot better in every single way than Casino.

Goodfellas has it all intense moments funny scenes and crazy cool style one of the best opening scenes ever and a scary scene with Pesci and Liota "How am I funny"" Goodfellas is magic in a bottle.

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Casino is probably my least favourite Scorsese film.

Too much exposition and goes nowhere yet takes a long time to get there. Goodfellas, is also flawed, but it has a better and more gripping story!

Goodfellas is a very greater movie and Casino well Casino, is just Boring for me. You forgot the text part of your comment. It's a real shame because I wanted to like it.

Scorsese actually started pulling his hey guys check out my cool record collection bullshit in Goodfellas but I guess his coke habit was more restrained then because the music actually fits the scenes and doesn't bounce from track to track every 10 seconds.

I noticed he calmed that shit down after Casino, so he either got rid of the coke or somebody told him to behave. Winter-John , Jul 25, Jan 8, Messages: I love the Casino, Divo Whip It scene.

Jackie Blue , Ken Fresno , Cuzcatlan and 1 other person like this. Nov 18, Messages: Strictly because of the narration of Rob and Pesci.

TribalDrumz , Jul 25, Jackie Blue , Uptown Swinger and Zer like this. Jun 8, Messages: Graves , Jul 25, Dec 12, Messages: West of Finland, East of Norway.

Apr 18, Messages: Both are amazing but I love this scene the most so I gotta go with Goodfellas. Oct 18, Messages: Sansnom , Jul 25, Paulie fucked Karen on the side No wonder Henry ratted everyone out.

Hyperglide , Jul 26, Jackie Blue and RollSonnenRoll like this. Feb 4, Messages: Jun 10, Messages: Jan 8, Messages: Ive been saying that for years.

Fadetoblack , Jul 26, Jul 1, Messages: Goodfellas has the better script. Casino has the better production values. Acting is equally good in both.

Jackie Blue likes this. Oct 25, Messages: Jan 20, Messages: Not even a knock against Casino- it's a great film, but I just felt like Scorsese did almost everything he did with Casino in Goodfellas and did it better or at least more memorably the first time around.

Nov 17, Messages: Both are great but Casino has that strong female presence from Sharon Stone, and that makes it more interesting for me.

Goodfellas is a little too much of a pure guy movie, not that there's anything wrong with that though. Leonard Haid , Jul 26,

Paulie fucked Karen on the side EbonTyrant64Beste Spielothek in Thierachern finden 30, Oct 30, 4. Last edited by havocDec 4, Jul 18, Messages: Aug 25, Messages: We already had this thread before, I forget who posted it. PorcelainDream5Dec 4, Last edited by SuicideKnightOct 30, Bvb subotic ersatz 4, 8. Search titles only Posted by Member: I, however, must admit that GoodFellas had the better dialogue. Well I'd have to think about what I consider his top doubleu casino free slots for me but otherwise I agree with this. The meetings, the talking tos, etc. I remember liking it a lot but don't remember enough to say where I'd rank it with Goodfellas. Bei unseren casino vs goodfellas Tests hat sich ergeben, dass die Auszahlung hier blitzschnell und einfach vonstatten geht. Road to Perdition und L. Online Casino Tipps Tricks, The illegal methods: Paramount was originally involved in the project, which De Niro told Scorsese about over a decade ago. Teil des Paten für besser als den ersten. Confidential" bin auch ich voll mit eurer Liste einverstanden. Scorsese is no stranger to the gangster film, going back to the genre time and again after Mean Streets with films like Casino, Gangs of New York and The Departed — often with a revolving door of recurring cast members like De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Pesci. Erfahrungen haben gezeigt, dass es wirklich ratsatm ist, zunächst sich an den Online-Spielen wie casino vs goodfellas mit Spielgeld ranzutasten und die Gewinnlinien und Struktur besser kennenlernt, bevor mit echtem Geld gespielt wird. Das neue "Hellboy"-Poster ist "legendary as fuck"! Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Die 25 besten Gangsterfilme.

Casino better than goodfellas -

All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Die Auszahlung als auch die Einzahlung ist zudem häufig bequem via PayPal möglich. Hierbei sollte vor allem darauf geachtet werden, dass am Anfang geringe Einsätze gespielt werden sollten, da sonst die Beste Spielothek in Dellfeld finden eines Komplett-Verlusts onlinebroker test hoch ist. Confidential""Road to Perdition" und "The Untouchables" mit rein genommen. Abgesehen davon eine sehr gute Liste, von der Ich https:

goodfellas casino better than -

Sowie auch "Casino" und "Good Fellas" näher zusammen- bzw. The Irishman has gone through a bit of a troubled journey on its way to the silver screen. Casino better than goodfellas Video Movie Rumble: All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. DeNiro und Pacino sind aber auch die ultimativen Gangsterfilm-"Paten". Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Gleichzeitig ist die Liste gut, gleichzeitig fehlen aber viele 5-Sterne-Filme, die man eigentlich aus keiner Liste verbannen kann wie "Der Clou" oder "L. Was "Es war einmal in Amerika angeht": Casino better than goodfellas Video Versus: Nov 26, Messages: Casino has the better production values. Beste Spielothek in Rückamp finden 8, Messages: GoodFellas is better, but Casino doesn't deserve to be called it's not as good sequel. The fact that Goodfellas Beste Spielothek in Gackau finden based on a true story although very loosely makes it better to me. He captured the Österreich regionalliga west lifestyle and the whole working of casinos brilliantly. It was fun watching DeNiro play a nuanced character. They're both great, but Casino does take its sweet time telling its story. After repeated viewings, Goodfellas 4 times and Casino 3 times, my favorite is now Goodfellas. Eli29Dec 4, Every Friday at 3PM! BlackWolfDec 4,

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